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A + E for me
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A + E for me

Advanced Self-Applied Emergency Aid Kit

A+E for me is designed for everyone who enjoys living life to the full and getting out into the great outdoors. For many of us the attraction of the outdoor sports that we love is the element of danger that they hold, the adrenaline rush they give us and being able to get away from everything and everybody. When things go wrong though these elements can turn relatively simple injuries into life-threatening ones if not treated quickly and correctly. 

This is not simply another First Aid kit, it’s an Emergency Life Saving kit that you stuff in the bottom of your rucksack and hope you never have to use. If however the day arrives and things go wrong, badly wrong, then you need the right kit, used In the right way, at the right time, to give you a chance at saving your own life and keeping the adventure alive...

The kit comes with 12 months access to our online training package and you are strongly advised to undertake this training as well as coming along to one of our roadshows prior to going out with your kit.

The Medical Bit
Trauma remains the fourth leading cause of death in Western countries and is the leading cause of death in the under 40’s. There are over 20,000 people that suffer a major traumatic injury in England every year, 25% of those people die. The chance of survival and the completeness of recovery are highly dependent on the care that follows in the minutes and hours after suffering a major trauma. In the great outdoors it may be the only person that can deliver that care to you is yourself.

There are 2 main causes of trauma related deaths, lack of Oxygen getting into the body and too much blood leaking out. A+E for me gives you the equipment and training to deal with some of the common injuries that can cause a serious lack of Oxygen and significant blood loss. All of the equipment in the kit is fully approved and used by Ambulance services and pre-Hospial medical teams across the country.

Due to the advanced nature of the kit it is not licensed for use on anybody other than yourself . If you want to learn more advanced skills in order to care for and treat other people then you will need to attend a formal course and pass an assessment, please s
ee for further details. 

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